Get Started With Your Bridal Showers Theme

Choosing A Bridal Shower Theme

How do you go about choosing a theme for the bridal shower? This might seem like an easy task, or you may be sitting there racking your brains for the fitting theme. Either way you can use these suggestions to avoid making a mistake when you pick out the bridal shower.

In general there are only a few themes that will fit.

While I understand that there are a lot of different options out there at your disposal they are not always a good fit. And as you know, when something doesn’t quite fit right you can never be quite comfortable. And when you mismatch the theme for the bride she may not feel quite comfortable at the shower.

How can you find the right idea for the shower?

By knowing the bride you will be able to find a couple of different shower theme ideas that will give you a chance to make it a memorable occasion.

But what is that?

When you pick out the theme for the bridal shower there are a couple of things that you can do to make it work. First if you decide on a seasonal shower make sure that: a. the season actually match up (not that we’re suggesting that you wouldn’t but you never know) b. that the weather will play long and if it doesn’t then you might want to have a backup plan. If the bridal shower will be held outdoors make sure that you have a place to go in the event that the weather doesn’t work out or it begins to storm when you are celebrating. This is especially a problem when you decide to hold an outdoor bridal shower in the Spring or in the Fall.

The seasonal option is really only viable if the bride is the outdoor type.

Knowing what will work and what won’t will be important. Ask yourself the following questions to see if the ideas that you have come up with will work or not:

  • Does the time of year work for the bridal shower;
  • Can you accommodated all of the requirements for the theme;
  • Are you able to organize the party;
  • Is the bridal shower too complicated;
  • Does the bride fit with the shower you have picked out?

There is one last question that you will need to answer before you should go forward with the preparations. Have you picked out a theme that you want?

Of course there are a couple of ways that this could be understood, but what it is asking is: did you select the shower theme based on your desires or those of the bride-to-be? This can be a common mistake, and one that can turn good intentions into a disaster. Make sure that the theme of the bridal shower fits the bride. When you are sure that you have found a good match you can relax and enjoy the process of planning the rest of the shower.

Themes And Bridal Shower Invitations

Just like there are a lot of different options when it comes to bridal showers there are equally as many invitations. Each style of shower has a fitting invitation.

The fun part about about picking out the theme is that you get to find a bridal shower invitation that matches. And the thrill of the hunt is one that is as exciting as it is rewarding. Unlike with other special occasions where you would need to craft (keep reading) the invitation there is a good chance that you will find the right invite without a lot of challenge.

Find the Invitations

Everyone loves options and that is what you get when you go in search of the perfect right invitations for your bridal shower. There are a number of websites that offer great options, options that can be customized to fit your special occasion while at the same time allowing you to compliment your theme perfectly.

When you search for your perfect invite you can do a couple of things to make the whole process go faster.

One thing that is important is to be specific. Make sure that you state the theme for your bridal shower. If you will be focusing on a nautical themed party you would look for “nautical bridal shower invitations.”

The nicest thing about purchasing the invitations online is that you don’t have to worry about working with a local printer. What you see is what you get. It is easier today to find great options online that allow you to customize the invitations based on your needs, choose the format, paper, and other formatting choices to craft the them how you want.

Of course there are times when even with your best efforts the right invitation is just too illusive. At times like that you need to break out the paper, scissors, and glue. Possibly a little glitter, too.

DIY Invitations

When you just can’t find the invitations to fit with the theme of your bridal shower there is only one options let to get the look that you want. The solution? You need to do-it-yourself. There are plenty of ways to create an invitation. When you look around you will see that there are a lot of resources that help you style the invitations the way you want. This include tips on how to print out your own designs and how to prepare the cards so that they have both a lovely handmade appeal but look professional at the same time.

If you are already a whiz in arts and crafts you might even decide that making the cards yourself is the best option. It can be a lot of fun when you go and order the invitations. And this is a good option if a.) you are running out of time b.) have a hard time when it comes to swinging the glue stick, c.) matching the end result with what you originally envisioned.

In cases like that the first option might be the one that gives you the best results.

However, if you love swinging the glue stick, glitter makes you giddy, and the idea of creating something with your own two hands is thrilling then you will want to at least contemplate making your own bridal shower invitations.

Before you do you might want to look at the timeline. Having a checklist to see what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done is a valuable asset, one that every hostess should have at her disposal.

Theme Checklist

Do you have an idea of what you will need for the bridal shower theme that you have selected? If you have the theme all picked out there it nothing that is stopping you from laying the initial ground work for a successful celebration. This is done by using a bridal shower checklist which gives you a timeline of different tasks.

When you use a checklist to plan your bridal shower you can save yourself a lot of hassle by over looking important aspects that will need to be completed.

Here are a few of the different things that you need to keep in mind as you move forward.

  • Order your invitations three months for the shower.
  • Send the invitations out no latter than six months before the bridal shower.
  • One week before the shower make one last attempt to confirm your guest list.

For a more invitations on how to plan a bridal shower look at our popular pages.

Bridal Shower F.A.Q.

Of course there always cases where a specific question isn’t easy to answer. You’ve looked around but you’re still not sure what to do. If you have a question we have a small F.A.Q. that might be helpful to you. If not, then you might consider sending me an email. Use the contact page if you would like to get in touch.

What do I do now?

You have said yes and now you are a little apprehensive about the task that lays before you. There are a lot of things that might be running through your head right now, and the thought of organizing an event like a bridal shower can feel like a big task. And to be honest it is.

A bridal shower is a big job. But like every big job you need to work it off piece-by-piece.

By segmenting the different tasks of the shower you can look at the different parts with new ease. When you don’t try to tackle the entire task all at once you save yourself from a big head ache. You’ll see how each part of the preparation fits together and how you can work them off. You will also realize that not all of the tasks need to be done immediately, and that each step is built off of the previous ones.

Can I plan a couples shower?

One of the questions that comes up early in the planning process is something along the line or, wouldn’t be neat if we made it a coed shower? In most cases the answer is generally yes. But you need to know if the

Do I need to spend a lot on the shower?

As you know spending a lot doesn’t mean that you care a lot. And the opposite can also be said. If you spend a small fortune on the bridal shower doesn’t mean that you care more than if you had spent less. Spend what you can afford.

If you find that you can only afford a small bridal shower then you will quickly realize how quickly you can scale back on the less important things.

One thing that allows you to scale back on is the cost of the invitations. If you order from one of the popular vendors online you will see that they offer a number of different discounts. You can also find coupons for them on places like or keep an eye open for when they printer offer a coupon on their sites.

Also many of the decorations and favors can cost less when you purchase them from wholesalers or in bulk.

Do I have to host the party in my home?

Of course not. There aren’t any requirements that dictate that the bridal shower needs to be held in the hostesses home. This is entirely up to you. There are however a couple of reasons why you might consider doing the shower in your home.

First you get to decide how and when you want to set it up. There are many restrictions you might run into when you rent a venue.

You will of course not have to worry about renting the room or booking tables at a restaurant. This is good if you are planning on hosting the shower on a budget.

On the other hand if you are not one for having a large number of people in your living room or the idea that cleaning up after a party of this size then renting a venue for the afternoon might be for you.

It comes down to what you are comfortable with and what you intend to spend.

Can I recruit a co-host for the bridal shower?

This is one of the most common concerns that a lot of women have. Some just ignore it and push forward. But you shouldn’t offend anyone when you admit that it is a little more than you can handle. In cases like this it is important to ask for help.

When you admit that hosting a bridal shower is more than you can handle you will in turn make the shower more successful.

There are a lot steps that come together and make the shower what it is. This leaves you a lot of opportunities to delegate different aspects to happy helpers.

No matter what you decide, the perfect theme for the bridal shower will vary from bride to bride. Find the shower theme that fits here tastes.

Plan it in steps and you will be making the necessary steps to make the afternoon a real hit.