About a Small Lady

Why Small Lady? Why not little lady instead?

Because I am a small lady, I find the term little lady caries more than a little condensation with it. Something that small lady does not. Plus the whole little lady thing sounds a bit old fashioned, something that I am most definitely not.

What I do

I love to help design amazing bridal showers, and while that doesn’t mean that I am a planner or organizer by profession. I am there to help when people need an extra set of hands. That can come in the form of helping with planning. This is actually the biggest hurdle that most people encounter when they are in the process of putting together a bridal shower in my experience. This is a shame, because, as you know from your own experience the more you prepare the easier it is in the end.

While that is the majority of the work, some people have the willingness to prepare, what they are lacking are the ideas. This is the common on/off switch. And either you’re super motivated and willing to try crazy new things but you need help planning and getting these crazy ideas of yours put into motion. Or you are super organized but your end results is lacking the pizazz that you want.

Of course there are those of you that are somewhere in between, in that case you’re in pretty good shape. Either you can plan a little more or you can take the bridal shower to the next level. In either case it doesn’t take much extra work and you and your guest will be glad that you did.

That is what I do.

At least in my spare time.

In real life I do something similar.

Now that you know a little bit about me and what I do it is time to take a walk with Small Lady.