Bridal Showers 101

Wow, you’re in for it now. At least that might be what you are thinking. At least if the idea of hosting (and everything that that entails) sounds like a lot of work to you. But in reality it is as easy or as difficult as you make it.

This is going to be an introduction to the whole thing. A 101 of planning a that will give you a first look at what a bridal shower entails, and what you can do to plan for a successful bridal shower.

What I would like to do with this post is to give you some ideas. A couple of firm footholds that will allow you to progress to the next steps on your way to an imaginative bridal shower celebration.

We’ll start small, just like the lady that is writing this, and from that we will think big. And when it is all said and done you will have something that resembles the ideas you had in the beginning.

Like with all good things starting small isn’t a negative it is very much a positive.

Here are three points to keep in mind as you go:

  • keep the guest of honor in mind, plan around her tastes and schedule;
  • dream big but the scale in proportion to your abilities;
  • and be willing to adapt. If evolution has taught us anything, it is, those that can adapt make it across the finish line.

A bridal shower is an evolution of different steps to reach an end, a finish line, that being a memorable day that was rewarding to all that were involved.