Bridal Shower Checklist

There are plenty of ways to organize a bridal shower. But the steps that it takes to get from point A to point B are often the same. And since they are organized well in advance you will benefit from organizing the shower into a list.

3+ Months Before the Shower

Make sure that you start with plenty of time to spare. There is nothing worse than needing to catchup before you even get started and you don’t want to feel rushed as you plan the bridal shower. If you can, start as early as possible. Three months is my minimum.

  1. Set the bridal shower date!
  2. Choose a shower theme and start planning possible decorations.
  3. Reserve the shower venue if you won’t be hosting at your home.
  4. Order your bridal shower invitations.

6-8 Months Before the Shower

If you can mail out the invitations for the bridal shower as soon as possible. By the time you have selected the bridal shower invitations and have them printed and delivered it can take a couple of weeks. This is why I suggest picking the ones you want and ordering them as soon as possible. This gives your guests a chance to make a space for the shower and RSVP back to you.

  1. Send the invitations to your guests.
  2. Plan on the food you will serve. Will you prepare it yourself or do you intend to have it catered?
  3. Start making the initial purchases for your favors, gifts, decorations, and serving necessities. If you will be hosting at home make sure that you have enough tables and chairs for your guests. If not organize them now as well.

One Month Before the Shower

It might not feel like it on paper but the bridal shower is really getting close now. Here are a couple of things that you should get setup about a month in advance.

  1. Organize your floral decorations with the local florist.
  2. Search for creative games that will work as ice breakers for the guests.
  3. If you haven’t put together the necessary items for the bridal shower, this includes paper products now is the time to do it.

One Week Before the Shower

This is the week leading up to the bridal shower. And if you didn’t feel it before you should be well aware of the excitement now.

  1. Contact the stragglers. Go through your RSVP list and personally contact each of the guests that have failed to respond to you. This will be important as we make the final perorations for the bridal shower.
  2. Do you plan on displays? Do you need to finish any decorations? Do so now.
  3. Purchase the ingredients and prepare the food that may be safely stored.
  4. Purchase the beverages you intend to serve.

The Day Before the Shower

We’ve made it. The shower is literally over the horizon.

  1. Prepare the food that you will be serving unless it will not keep.
  2. Pickup the flowers and balloons if you have ordered any.
  3. Prepare the room where you will be doing the entertaining.
  4. Set up the areas that will be used for serving food or eating.
  5. Collect arrange the area where your guests will get their refreshments.

The Day of the Bridal Shower

Now it is here. The day you’ve worked so hard to get set up. It’s time to celebrate a bridal shower!

  1. Decorate the front of the venue. Either your front door or the venue you have rented.
  2. Set up the food and drink areas.
  3. Ensure that everything is neat and tidy including the restroom.
  4. All done!

Do you have any ideas how to improve the list? Contact me with suggestions.